Simple, free and anonymous: organize a vote using the majority judgment.

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What is the majority judgment?

To learn more about the majority judgment, you can go to the website of the association better vote:

For Who?

You are a small group of people (Association, Group of Friends, etc...) and you wish to submit a proposal to the majority judgment.

This tool is particularly suitable for group decision making, in a non-confidential voting context where each participant gives their opinion. For example: One after the other behind the same screen.


This page is not designed for high-stakes votes because no voter ID checks are performed. A participant can vote as many times as he or she wants. However, it is possible to know how many entries were recorded at the end of a vote. It is therefore possible for a group of people to depart from a problem, if there are more participations than people.

How does it work?

  1. Enter a title and description to explain to the participants the reason for the vote.
  2. Enter the voting time (the result will be visible only after the vote is completed )
  3. Enter the possible proposals/candidates.
  4. Validate the form.
  5. Copy and paste the link provided and share it with the people of your choice.
    Warning! Keep this link well.
    It will allow you to vote and to consult the result of the completed ballot.
  6. On the voting page, participants can give their opinions on each of the proposals/candidates.

All votes are confidential . We do not retain any personal data . Votes and proposals will be automatically deleted 30 days after the end of the vote.

Frequently asked question ?

  • Why is it free?
    Our goal is only to promote the majority judgment. We believe that it is by using it in everyday life that we will be able to advance the idea that it is a much more effective way of voting than simply counting the number of votes.
  • How can I change my vote or participation?
    In order to preserve the integrity of the result, this is unfortunately not possible. On the other hand, it is very simple to start again a new vote (no limit of creation).
  • I lost my link, how can I get it back?
    Having no information that allows us to identify you, this is unfortunately not possible. On the other hand, it is very simple to start again a new vote (no limit of creation).
  • I too wish to promote the majority judgment, what can I do?
    We advise you to get closer to the french association "MIEUX VOTER" (better voting). Here is the address of their site:

WARNING: Project in test phase!

WEB Project on GitHub
SOURCE Code of the majority Judgement module in PHP:PHP Class on GitHub