La nouvelle version est enfin disponible !

Toujours aussi simple, gratuite et anonyme, cette nouvelle version maintenue par une équipe active en Open-Source vous offrira encore plus de possibilités.

Découvrez-là dès à présent !

Nouvelle version

Privacy Policy

This site has no commercial or political objective, it is (and will remain) always free, without publicity and confidential (without divulging information to third parties).

This site does not retain any personal data (no registration) and does not use a cookie. Email addresses that you may have entered are not saved. All voting data is automatically deleted 30 days after the end of the vote.

An option allows to request the entry of a name/surname or pseudo of the participants. In this case, this information will be kept up to 30 days after the end of the vote.

Apart from a possible maintenance operation by a technician no one accesses the voting data (no analysis or statistics).

WARNING: An option when creating a vote allows you to display a Facebook Share button, by activating it you also activate the interconnection with Facebook (cookies, etc...)

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Source code of this project: WEB Project on GitHub